Virtual Event Center


Virtual Event Center


Video conference on a desktop computer

The Virtual Event Center (VEC) proactively assesses client needs and innovations in the virtual space to ensure a high level of audience engagement, participation, and content retention.

A dedicated virtual event producer is assigned to each online experience to provide “white glove” support to our clients, speakers, and attendees from pre-event conception to event-day coordination to post-event production. 

  • Andrew Simpson
    Director, Technology
Virtual Event Center Project Lifecycle

Core Competencies and Differentiators

Pre-Event Services

  • Assess Virtual Event and Multimedia Needs
  • Select Appropriate Virtual Platform and Tools
  • Source Audience and Design Communications Plan and Marketing Materials
  • Support Meeting Materials and Speaker Presentations with In-House Graphics Team
  • Conduct Presenter and Panelist Rehearsals and Trainings
  • Identify Strategies and Tools to Engage Audience (e.g., polling, Q&A)
  • Produce Video Vignettes
  • Design Immersive Features with Personal Avatars and Vendor Booths

Event Day Services

  • Prepare Event (e.g., set-up and test virtual tools, upload and cue slides and multimedia features)
  • Set-up Virtual Conference ‘Calming Room’ (for wellness)
  • Conduct Audio and Visual Checks with Presenters and Panelists
  • Monitor Technical Questions from Attendees and Presenters During Live Sessions
  • Utilize Social Media to Facilitate Networking
  • Manage Event Features (e.g., breakouts, polls, live data visualizations, recordings) 

Post Event Services

  • Coordinate Evaluation Forms
  • Compile Event Metrics
  • Prepare 508-Compliant Materials and Recordings