Manhattan Strategy Group Begins Work on National Charter School Resource Center for U.S. Department of Education
July 25, 2019

BETHESDA, MD - Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG) kicked off its management of the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) on Monday, July 22, 2019.

NCSRC provides specific technical assistance (TA) to Charter School Program grantees. It functions as a national platform to disseminate best practices through a range of activities, including direct TA, meetings, reports, studies, newsletters, and national surveys. NCSRC supports a variety of focus areas within the charter school sector, including facilities, authorizing, accountability, new school development, tribal charter schools, and others.

MSG is a leading government contractor in the provision of TA to Federal grantees and partners. Under MSG’s leadership, NCSRC will serve as the central TA center for Charter School Program grantees and other charter school stakeholders through the dynamic and managed interaction of data collection, learning, and responsive TA delivery. If you would like more information about Manhattan Strategy Group and its management of the National Charter School Resource Center, please contact Carter Clawson, Project Director, at

About Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG)

Founded in 2001, Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG) is a social sciences and management consulting firm that brings professional services, approaches, and innovative solutions to the areas of education, workforce development, and human services. MSG specializes in research and evaluation, technical assistance, and communication and information.