Fostering Diversity and Skills Development: MSG's Commitment to Advancing the Future Workforce through Registered Apprenticeships
January 19, 2024

By Dina Igoe and Raven Garris, Workforce Development Specialists

As we start a new year, it is important that we look toward the future and make investments in programs that empower our workforce, drive innovation, and ultimately lead to a more prosperous United States. According to the Manufacturing Institute, an alarming 2.1 million manufacturing jobs may remain unfilled by 2030. The Manhattan Strategy Group LLC (MSG) proactively addresses this issue by working with employers to enhance the U.S. workforce.

MSG supports the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in many ways. One project, the Supply Chain Automation Workforce Hub (the Hub), is a comprehensive one-stop solution for recruiting and training skilled personnel in the supply chain automation and advanced manufacturing sectors. Through DOL funding that established and maintains the Hub, MSG serves as an industry intermediary, bringing together employers, educational institutions, and workforce organizations to develop customized training solutions through Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs). RAPs allow for those who participate in them to earn as they learn and receive credentials in their chosen occupation that are accepted across the United States. RAPs enhance the U.S. workforce by advancing workers’ skill sets by setting a national standard for trade education. By enabling workers to earn nationally accredited credentials or certifications in supply chain and advanced manufacturing, the Hub facilitates economic advancement opportunities while enhancing the United States’ economic stability and resilience. MSG is committed to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within RAPs, empowering minority populations, women, and veterans, and expanding their career opportunities. 

By assisting employers in diversifying their workforce, we aim to increase productivity, enhance recruitment and retention, and bolster worker morale. Specifically, Hub team members network with industry leaders, employers, intermediaries, workforce development organizations, and trade organizations to promote Registered Apprenticeship and register more apprenticeship programs with DOL. We also conduct presentations across the United States at a variety of events to expand the number of RAPs in every state. MSG employees promote the Hub and its resources by developing resources and webinars to share with stakeholders and serving as RAP advocates in their everyday lives.

 The Hub offers a range of services to RAP sponsors and stakeholders, including: 

  • •    providing financial incentives and technical assistance to RAP sponsors;
  • •    conducting education and outreach about the benefits of RAPs in supply chain automation;
  • •    connecting interested employers, education and training providers, and workforce organizations;
  • •    developing and reviewing customized RAP models and materials to meet each employer’s training needs;
  • •    registering RAPs with federal or state apprenticeship offices; and 
  • •    recruiting and enrolling apprentices with a focus on equity and diversity.

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