Expanding Educational Access in Pakistan
March 29, 2021


Expanding access to quality education is one way to contribute to societal improvement. To support the learning needs of children from disadvantaged communities, Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG) partnered with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) nonprofit to build a school in Pakistan that provides free, high-quality education.

According to UNICEF, approximately 22.8 million children ages 5-16 do not attend school – and the disparity is far worse for disadvantaged children. There is also a gender equity disparity, where boys have a better opportunity to attend and remain in school. In some jurisdictions, up to 78 percent of school age girls are not receiving educational instruction.

TCF embeds schools in the heart of urban slums and rural communities. Their school model caters to the neediest students and includes purpose-built schools, all female faculty, and a 50% student gender ratio.

Launched in 2018, the TCF Manhattan Campus is located in Karachi, the capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh. The campus has five classrooms serving grades six to 10, serving approximately 109 students. The school is also equipped with a library and art room, science and computer lab, and a playground to provide students with a stimulating learning environment.

Shezad Habib, MSG Founder, President, and Managing Director, visited the campus, attended classes, and interacted with students and teachers.

Shezad Habib visits the TCF School Manhattan Campus in Karachi, Pakistan.

Shezad Habib at TCF School Manhattan Campus
Shezad Habib attends class with students at the secondary level.

Shezad Habib visits classroom with students

Shezad Habib joins students for a group photo during a break.

Shezad Habib with group of students in Pakistan