Empowering Tomorrow's Talent: Youth Apprenticeship Week, May 5-11, 2024
May 08, 2024

To shine a spotlight on Youth Apprenticeship, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is launching its inaugural Youth Apprenticeship Week (YAW), a nationwide event dedicated to showcasing the advantages of Registered Apprenticeship (RA) programs for youth aged 16–24. From May 5-11, 2024, stakeholders across the country—including employers, educators, labor unions, workforce professionals, and their partners—will unveil RA programs designed to equip youth with the skills and experience needed to kickstart their careers, often with opportunities for college credit. YAW serves as a pivotal moment for these stakeholders to organize events nationwide, demonstrating the potential of RA programs for young individuals. Not only do these programs open doors to promising careers, but they also establish a pipeline of skilled and diverse talent for critical industries, both now and in the future.

"The apprenticeship has helped me so much because you can get an education and work at the same time. It also helps with on-the-job problems you may face." - JR, Electrical Apprentice at International Electrical Commission (IEC) Bluegrass

Statistics of RA ProgramsYouth Apprenticeship (YA) initiatives present a unique opportunity for youth to earn competitive wages while receiving valuable training and experience, often an opportunity to earn college credit. By blending traditional learning with practical, gaining hands-on experience across sectors, YA not only shapes tomorrow’s workforce but also fosters personal and economic growth for apprentices. Students explore various career paths firsthand, enabling them to make informed decisions about their professional future. By engaging in meaningful work experiences early on, apprentices gain insights into different industries, job roles, and workplace cultures. This firsthand exposure not only helps them discover their passions and strengths but also equips them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their educational and career pathways, leading to greater satisfaction and success in the long run. 

Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG) is excited to take part in the very first YAW through our DOL industry intermediary, the Supply Chain Automation Workforce Hub (the Hub), a one-stop solution for recruiting and training skilled workers in supply chain automation and advanced manufacturing sectors. Through DOL funding that established and maintains the Hub, MSG brings together employers, educational institutions, and workforce organizations to develop customized training solutions through RA programs.

This week, the Hub team is attending and hosting events, sharing success stories, and highlighting RA programs that are driving the expansion of YA programs across the country. Learn more at https://scworkforcehub.com/2024/05/06/youth-apprenticeship-week-2024/.

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