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2022 U.S. Department of Labor Summer Data Challenge on Equity and Underserved Communities

On behalf of the Department of Labor (DOL)’s Chief Evaluation Office, Manhattan Strategy Group is pleased to accept applications to the 2022 Summer Data Challenge on Equity and Underserved Communities.

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2022 Priority Topics

For 2022, DOL is particularly interested in proposals that address the following topics:

  • Public policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying economic downturn, including the effects of those policy responses on vulnerable or marginalized workers, such as women of color.
  • Understanding how policies and programs may shape opportunities for worker organizing and collective bargaining, especially for workers who have lacked access to labor representation in the past.
  • Understanding labor market competition and power, their intersection with working conditions, and how policies and programs can shape those relationships. 
  • The impact of workplace technologies on workers and working conditions—including how automated technologies may be used for screening and hiring job candidates, assessing workers’ productivity, and managing workers—and their intersection with labor protections and policies.
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How To Apply

Applications are due on April 11 by 12:00 pm ET. Funding decisions are expected by May 20. Please review the documents below to learn more about the program and how to apply.

DOL's Chief Evaluation Office

DOL’s Chief Evaluation Office (CEO) coordinates, manages, and implements the Department of Labor's evaluation program. CEO works closely with all offices and agencies in DOL to develop and implement research and evaluation projects that address Department priorities.

Contact Information

For additional information regarding the application process or the program in general, please contact: