US Dept of the Treasury

Non-Traditional Alternative Payments (NTAP) Proof-of-Concept Test

Develop a solution to showcase how alternative payment networks networks (Square Cash, Google e Wallet, etc.) can be stitched together and incorporated into existing payment processes, with an end-goal of making all payments entirely electronic

US Dept of the Treasury

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Alternative System Analysis

Management Information System (MIS) analysis and evaluation of EFTPS system capabilities relating to structure, data storage, and retrieval; data collection and reporting procedures; and data elements used for assessment and monitoring

US Dept of the Treasury

Certifying Officers Computer-Based Training

Comprehensive training infrastructure to support Treasury Certifying Officers in making payments that are legal, proper, and correct.

US Dept of the Treasury

Benchmarking Federal Financial Management Processes

Develop a benchmarking methodology and tool that will enable Federal agencies to compare the performance and cost of managing transactions in-house against the industry leaders, the Federal shared service providers (SSPs).

US Dept of Housing and Urban Development

Location Affordability Portal

Develop a tool to measure the combined cost of housing and transportation in 950+ metropolitan regions nationwide, as well as investigate potential uses to improve policy and funding decisions.

US Dept of Education

Distance Learning Dataset Training

Training modules for users interested in the National Center for Education Statistics datasets to learn how data was collected and how to apply statistical analysis techniques to answer research and policy questions.

NY Dept of Education

21st Century Community Learning Centers Evaluation

Evaluation to assess both the academic and behavioral outcomes for students in New York 21st Century Community Learning Center programs in order aid administrators in facilitating increased success.

US Dept of Education

You for Youth Professional Development Portal

Research-based, impactful, and accessible professional development and technical assistance materials for afterschool practitioners via an online web portal hosted on the website.

US Dept of Education

Dissemination of Open Career Technical Education Resources

Increase access to high quality resources in the Career Technical Education community by helping secondary CTE educators around the country understand how to effectively develop and share OER.

US Dept of Education

Youth and Adult Pathways Virtual Community of Practice

Develop and implement a Youth and Adult Career Pathways Virtual Community of Practice in order to bring together practitioners from both the youth and adult sides of the Career Pathways world and facilitate meaningful dialogue.

US Dept of Labor

Labor Market Information Technical Assistance and Training

Virtual training tools and resources designed to instruct frontline workforce development staff on the use of Labor Market Information resources, so that they can assist employers and job seekers in making educated career, training, and economic development decisions.

US Dept of Agriculture

Child and Adult Food Care Program Family Daycare Meal Claims Feasibility Study

Developing an innovative approach to provide a valid and reliable method to assess error in the multi-million dollar Child and Adult Food Care Program, which aids in providing nutritious foods to ensure wellness, healthy growth, and development of young children.