US Patent and Trademark Office

Training Catalog and Public Relations Campaign

Development of comprehensive training catalog, including logo and document design, for USPTO Patent Examiners and promotion of new and existing professional development opportunities.

US Dept of the Treasury

Non-Traditional Alternative Payments (NTAP) Proof-of-Concept Test

Develop a solution to showcase how alternative payment networks networks (Square Cash, Google e Wallet, etc.) can be stitched together and incorporated into existing payment processes, with an end-goal of making all payments entirely electronic

US Dept of the Treasury

Benchmarking Federal Financial Management Processes

Develop a benchmarking methodology and tool that will enable Federal agencies to compare the performance and cost of managing transactions in-house against the industry leaders, the Federal shared service providers (SSPs).

General Services Administration

Operational Cost and Service Benchmarking Study

Investigate the root causes of higher than standard operating and service delivery costs in select GSA-owned sites, and determine areas where industry best practices could incur cost reductions and improved service delivery.

US Dept of Education

Employee Recognition Survey and Strategic Plan Development

Develop an employee recognition plan to facilitate a significant and sustained improvement in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education’ organizational effectiveness and culture, increasing employee satisfaction, commitment, engagement, and productivity

US Patent and Trademark Office

Examiner Production Goal Study and Analysis

Comprehensive evaluation of current employee performance measurement systems, resulting in recommendations for adjusting the current examiner production goals, metrics, and measurement systems to better align with strategic goals.

Dept of the Interior

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Engineering Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategic planning retreat to discuss specific steps, projects, and actions needed to build and sustain the intellectual capacity within and across BSEE’s key functions.

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