US Patent and Trademark Office

Training Catalog and Public Relations Campaign

Development of comprehensive training catalog, including logo and document design, for USPTO Patent Examiners and promotion of new and existing professional development opportunities.

US Dept of the Treasury

Certifying Officers Computer-Based Training

Comprehensive training infrastructure to support Treasury Certifying Officers in making payments that are legal, proper, and correct.

US Dept of Education

Distance Learning Dataset Training

Training modules for users interested in the National Center for Education Statistics datasets to learn how data was collected and how to apply statistical analysis techniques to answer research and policy questions.

US Dept of Labor

WIASRD Web-Based Tutorial Development

Training modules for state and local workforce staff to navigate changes in the Workforce Investment Act reporting system, and ultimately support accurate and complete reporting on development activities.

US Dept of Labor

Labor Market Information Technical Assistance and Training

Virtual training tools and resources designed to instruct frontline workforce development staff on the use of Labor Market Information resources, so that they can assist employers and job seekers in making educated career, training, and economic development decisions.

US Dept of Labor

Grantee Financial Management & Technical Assistance

Performance and financial management training for Employment and Training Administration grantees to ensure workforce development systems are effectively and efficiently using resources to bolster employment opportunities.