US Dept of the Treasury

Non-Traditional Alternative Payments (NTAP) Proof-of-Concept Test

Develop a solution to showcase how alternative payment networks networks (Square Cash, Google e Wallet, etc.) can be stitched together and incorporated into existing payment processes, with an end-goal of making all payments entirely electronic

US Dept of the Treasury

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Alternative System Analysis

Management Information System (MIS) analysis and evaluation of EFTPS system capabilities relating to structure, data storage, and retrieval; data collection and reporting procedures; and data elements used for assessment and monitoring

US Dept of Housing and Urban Development

Location Affordability Portal

Develop a tool to measure the combined cost of housing and transportation in 950+ metropolitan regions nationwide, as well as investigate potential uses to improve policy and funding decisions.

NY Dept of Education

21st Century Community Learning Centers Evaluation

Evaluation to assess both the academic and behavioral outcomes for students in New York 21st Century Community Learning Center programs in order aid administrators in facilitating increased success.

US Dept of Education

21st Century Community Learning Centers Practitioner Guide Development

Research into promising practices in the field of afterschool programming, specifically in the areas of Career Technical Education, STEM, and English Language Learners to help practitioners build more effective programs.

US Dept of Education

21st Century Community Learning Centers High School Promising Practices

Research into the key characteristics of afterschool programs that have shown measurable success in helping high school students—particularly those from high-poverty, low-performing schools—perform better in school and achieve other learning-related outcomes.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp

Money Smart Assessment

Comprehensive review of the Money Smart financial education program and its effectiveness in enhancing the money skills of low-and-moderate income individuals and creating positive banking relationships.

National Science Foundation

Science Engineering and Education for Sustainability Portfolio Evaluation

Comprehensive, mixed-methods study to examine the effectiveness of the SEES cross-directorate investment in supporting interdisciplinary research and education that facilitate global sustainability.

National Science Foundation

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education Initiative and Nano Undergraduate Engineering Program Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation of the suite of resources and products produced by grantees under the NUE program, as well as recommendations for funding priorities that will ensure an adequate supply of nano-literate workers

US Dept of Health and Human Services

Agency for Children and Families Grantee Monitoring, Logistics, and Technical Assistance Support

Supporting the Family and Youth Services Bureau and more than 413 active grantees funded under the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program to measure and monitor grantee performance, deliver technical assistance, and facilitate collaboration.

US Dept of Agriculture

Child and Adult Food Care Program Family Daycare Meal Claims Feasibility Study

Developing an innovative approach to provide a valid and reliable method to assess error in the multi-million dollar Child and Adult Food Care Program, which aids in providing nutritious foods to ensure wellness, healthy growth, and development of young children.

US Dept of Agriculture

WIC Data Collection

Evaluate the WIC data collection efforts and make recommendations for improving processes and procedures, and ultimately facilitate the efficient distribution of resources to women and children in need.

US Dept of Agriculture

National School Lunch Program Estimates

Identify an innovative approach to measure erroneous payments in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program that will help to better target funds to deserving students and improve academic outcomes.

US Dept of Agriculture

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Retailer Scoring Study

Create a perspective scoring system for authorizing retailers accepting SNAP benefits that will both increase access to healthy food amongst low-income populations and ensure program integrity.

US Dept of Agriculture

Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations Cost Analysis

Assessment of the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations Regional Vendor Pilot program, including considerations of operations, food quality, and stakeholder satisfaction.

US Trade and Development Agency

Independent Program Monitoring & Evaluation

Independent evaluations of a portfolio of 200+ projects, spanning over 50 countries in over a dozen sectors, to assess the outcomes of USTDA funding against key performance measures.

National Science Foundation

I-CORPS Impact Evaluation Feasibility Study

Identify an innovative approach to measure the success of the I-CORPS program, which prepares scientists and engineers to extend their focus beyond the laboratory and into entrepreneurial endeavors.

US Dept of Labor

Advancing Women in Technology

Comprehensive literature review to identify opportunities for the increased participation of women in the technology industry, including educational programs that were prerequisites for obtaining employment.

Dept of the Interior

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Engineering Survey Development

Provide support on strategies to improve customer satisfaction with the effectiveness of offshore inspection program for oil and gas facilities in the Gulf of Mexico

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