US Dept of the Treasury

Non-Traditional Alternative Payments (NTAP) Proof-of-Concept Test

Develop a solution to showcase how alternative payment networks networks (Square Cash, Google e Wallet, etc.) can be stitched together and incorporated into existing payment processes, with an end-goal of making all payments entirely electronic

US Dept of the Treasury

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) Alternative System Analysis

Management Information System (MIS) analysis and evaluation of EFTPS system capabilities relating to structure, data storage, and retrieval; data collection and reporting procedures; and data elements used for assessment and monitoring

US Dept of the Treasury

Certifying Officers Computer-Based Training

Comprehensive training infrastructure to support Treasury Certifying Officers in making payments that are legal, proper, and correct.

US Dept of the Treasury

Benchmarking Federal Financial Management Processes

Develop a benchmarking methodology and tool that will enable Federal agencies to compare the performance and cost of managing transactions in-house against the industry leaders, the Federal shared service providers (SSPs).

US Dept of Labor

Grantee Financial Management & Technical Assistance

Performance and financial management training for Employment and Training Administration grantees to ensure workforce development systems are effectively and efficiently using resources to bolster employment opportunities.

General Services Administration

Operational Cost and Service Benchmarking Study

Investigate the root causes of higher than standard operating and service delivery costs in select GSA-owned sites, and determine areas where industry best practices could incur cost reductions and improved service delivery.