US Dept of Labor

DOL Chief Evaluation Office BPA

Provide secondary data analysis, convenings of subject matter experts, white papers and dissemination

US Dept of Labor

National Veterans Technical Assistance Center (NVTAC)

Provide technical assistance to increase grantees’ ability to establish and operate successful HVRP grants and service delivery systems that support veterans’ reintegration into the workforce

US Dept of Labor

High School Equivalency Technical Assistance

Resource guide to help the workforce development system navigate the changes in high school equivalency alternatives, as well as new College and Career Readiness Standards, and how these changes affect partnerships, infrastructure, professional development, and service delivery strategies.

US Dept of Labor

Career Pathways and Credentials Technical Assistance

Comprehensive technical assistance effort among Employment and Training Administration grantees to promote and foster the development of Career Pathways that align training and educational opportunities with employer needs.

US Dept of Education

Youth and Adult Pathways Virtual Community of Practice

Develop and implement a Youth and Adult Career Pathways Virtual Community of Practice in order to bring together practitioners from both the youth and adult sides of the Career Pathways world and facilitate meaningful dialogue.

US Dept of Labor

WIASRD Web-Based Tutorial Development

Training modules for state and local workforce staff to navigate changes in the Workforce Investment Act reporting system, and ultimately support accurate and complete reporting on development activities.

US Dept of Labor

Labor Market Information Technical Assistance and Training

Virtual training tools and resources designed to instruct frontline workforce development staff on the use of Labor Market Information resources, so that they can assist employers and job seekers in making educated career, training, and economic development decisions.