US Dept of Education

Student Achievement in Reading (STAR)

Intensive technical assistance effort to ensure states are adopting and sustaining evidence-based reading instruction in their regional and local adult basic education programs.

US Dept of Education

Preschool Development Grant Program Technical Assistance (PDG)

Used the MSG team’s wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that education agencies and local communities nationwide had access to training, TA, and resources to build and sustain the infrastructure for high-quality preschool programs. The TA helped States improve the quality of and increase the access to high-quality preschool for 4-year-olds.

US Dept of Education

Statewide Family Engagement Center Technical Assistance (SFEC-TA)

Deliver meaningful technical assistance to Statewide Family Engagement Center (SFEC) grantees, supporting them with project start-up, reviewing and improving logic models, enhancing evaluation designs, and identifying performance measures.

US Dept of Education

Supporting Excellence in Adult Education

Identify and review innovative practices in adult education and develop and disseminate related products

US Dept of Education

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (NCELA)

Administrative, logistical, and technical support for website maintenance at, knowledge management system enhancements, program monitoring, technical assistance activities, and the development and dissemination of English learner tools/resources

US Dept of Education

Designing Instruction in Career Pathways

Broad-based technical assistance effort to help state and local adult education providers develop and deliver instructional resources that enable low-skilled adults to progress on a career pathway and prepare for postsecondary success.

US Dept of Education

Office of Indian Education Meeting Planning and Logistics Support

Comprehensive meeting, planning, and peer review management supporting the National Advisory Council on Indian Education (NACIE), a presidential appointed advisory council that advises the Secretary of Education on the funding and administration of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) children.

US Dept of Education

Distance Learning Dataset Training

Training modules for users interested in the National Center for Education Statistics datasets to learn how data was collected and how to apply statistical analysis techniques to answer research and policy questions.

NY Dept of Education

21st Century Community Learning Centers Evaluation

Evaluation to assess both the academic and behavioral outcomes for students in New York 21st Century Community Learning Center programs in order aid administrators in facilitating increased success.

US Dept of Education

21st Century Community Learning Centers Practitioner Guide Development

Research into promising practices in the field of afterschool programming, specifically in the areas of Career Technical Education, STEM, and English Language Learners to help practitioners build more effective programs.

US Dept of Education

You for Youth Professional Development Portal

Research-based, impactful, and accessible professional development and technical assistance materials for afterschool practitioners via an online web portal hosted on the website.

US Dept of Education

21st Century Community Learning Centers High School Promising Practices

Research into the key characteristics of afterschool programs that have shown measurable success in helping high school students—particularly those from high-poverty, low-performing schools—perform better in school and achieve other learning-related outcomes.

US Dept of Education

Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) Resource Collection

Curating, streamlining, and expanding a high quality resource collection for adult education practitioners on the website.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp

Money Smart Assessment

Comprehensive review of the Money Smart financial education program and its effectiveness in enhancing the money skills of low-and-moderate income individuals and creating positive banking relationships.

National Science Foundation

Science Engineering and Education for Sustainability Portfolio Evaluation

Comprehensive, mixed-methods study to examine the effectiveness of the SEES cross-directorate investment in supporting interdisciplinary research and education that facilitate global sustainability.

National Science Foundation

Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education Initiative and Nano Undergraduate Engineering Program Evaluation and Assessment

Evaluation of the suite of resources and products produced by grantees under the NUE program, as well as recommendations for funding priorities that will ensure an adequate supply of nano-literate workers

US Dept of Education

Dissemination of Open Career Technical Education Resources

Increase access to high quality resources in the Career Technical Education community by helping secondary CTE educators around the country understand how to effectively develop and share OER.

US Dept of Education

Technical Assistance to Rural State Education Agencies, Districts, and High School Graduation Initiative Grantees

Providing technical assistance to bolster State Local Education Agency capacity to engage in dropout prevention in rural schools and increase high school graduate rates amongst at-risk populations.

US Dept of Education

Family Engagement Resource Providers

Supporting State Education Agencies and grantees in enhancing critical family engagement initiatives that are frequently linked to student learning and success.

US Dept of Labor

Advancing Women in Technology

Comprehensive literature review to identify opportunities for the increased participation of women in the technology industry, including educational programs that were prerequisites for obtaining employment.

National Science Foundation

Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching Operational and Technical Support

Logistics and event management support to identify, recruit, recognize, and engage excellent mathematics and science teachers throughout the U.S.

US Dept of Education

Office of Innovation and Improvement SEED Program Peer Review Support

Comprehensive peer review services and technical support to the SEED Program, which supports initiatives to recruit, select, and prepare or provide professional enhancement activities for teachers and principals.

US Dept of Education

Employee Recognition Survey and Strategic Plan Development

Develop an employee recognition plan to facilitate a significant and sustained improvement in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education’ organizational effectiveness and culture, increasing employee satisfaction, commitment, engagement, and productivity