Monday, November 11, 2013

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How Family Engagement Is Like Fishing, is a popular presentation at education conferences

How Family Engagement Is Like Fishing, is a popular presentation developed by Dr. Sally M. Wade, Manhattan Strategy Group’s family engagement that has struck a chord with educators throughout the nation. The presentation uses humor and the context of fishing to enhance effective family engagement practices in school, community and afterschool settings. The presentation includes a David Letterman style countdown, Dr. Wade’s Top Ten Ways Family Engagement is Like Fishing, a humorous poem about family engagement, the 1000+ Well-Intentioned Family Engagement Mistakes Educators Make, and a Big Fish Finish. The presentation covers a brief overview of research and policy as well as a discussion of effective family engagement practices. Parent involvement in their child’s education is widely known to enhance outcomes for students. How Family Engagement Is Like Fishing, presentations are currently scheduled for 2014 in Atlanta, GA and at the Best Out-Of-School Time (BOOST) conference in Palm Beach, California.

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