Monday, March 17, 2014

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MSG to Develop Financial Management Training for DOL Grant Recipients

MSG has been awarded a contract with the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration to ensure effective grant management at the state and local level. Effective grants management is a grant recipient (grantee) responsibility that involves managing project resources, activities, and results to achieve grant objectives while also meeting all relevant Federal, ETA, and State grant requirements. Complete, relevant and accurate information about managed funds is therefore critical to perform this function effectively and accurately, in order to maintain the public trust. As a result, it is important that the quality of information and level of detail that the grantee adheres to is lawful and strictly maintained.


ETA, as the grant provider, is responsible to provide adequate oversight and monitoring of federal assistance awards to ensure that grantees are meeting their grants management responsibilities. In recent monitoring activities throughout the regions in the past year, ETA regional staff has consistently identified fiscal issues across the spectrum of grantee spending activities, including both formula and competitive awards, which demonstrate a pressing need for fiscal technical assistance.


Manhattan Strategy Group has been selected to design and implement a broad and comprehensive technical assistance initiative related to financial management for ETA’s federal grants. The technical assistance initiative will consist of multiple, coordinated activities designed to strengthen the workforce system’s ability to accurately and efficiently manage ETA grant funds.