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Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG) is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping clients achieve and sustain performance excellence. Founded in 2001 with main offices in Bethesda, Maryland, MSG specializes in research and evaluation, technical assistance, training, organizational improvement, and grant and program support.

All of our services come together to support our clients and their needs with customized, highly tailored project designs and innovative technology-driven solutions. We pride ourselves on our agility, and our commitment to providing lean, flexible services that meet the evolving needs of the marketplace.

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Advancing a Comprehensive Approach to School Readiness

The Topical Brief identifies the evidence-based best practices supporting a more complete orientation to school readiness for young children.

The Case for Cultivating Dual Language Learners’ Home Languages

The Topical Brief examines the research and research-based strategies to more effectively address the unique needs of Dual Language Learners.

Looking Beyond the Horizon: A Framework for Education System Planning and Redesign in the Midst of COVID-19

This brief provides a roadmap to navigate the unpredictable climate while continuing and planning for education during a pandemic. The paper features the important questions school communities should consider to effectively plan for SY 2020-21.

Technical Assistance in an Emergency: The MSG

Because technical assistance (TA) is integral to many aspects of federal and state services, MSG experts developed MSG’s Emergency TA Model: Key Adaptations to TA in Times of Crisis or Emergency©. The model includes risk assessment, situational analysis, and trauma informed management actions to support responsive TA during a crisis.

Trauma-Informed COVID-19 Considerations in Virtual Human Services

Providing support and maintaining connection during the COVID-19 pandemic is compounded by a situation that requires isolation. This brief considers some of the unique stressors and barriers, and how trauma-informed approaches can be adapted to virtual human services. Case study spotlights are included to demonstrate how this might look in various settings.
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