Call Center Set-up and Management

Call Center Set-up and Management

Being able to efficiently and effectively communicate to communities and citizens affected by COVID-19 is a challenge. In the times where a “shelter-in-place” is in effect, MSG understands the need for agencies to react quickly to concerns regarding the welfare of the public. Our COVID-19 Response Center is prepared to deliver highly personalized communication services through both emerging and traditional channels (e.g. phone, email, web chat, self-serve knowledge base). We have the capacity to quickly stand-up a call center supporting surge with up to 400 staff delivering Level 1 support for: basic related challenges; issues or topics by any of the stakeholders in consideration (Homeless Youth, Service Providers, Federal Agencies, Grantees, Federal Staff, and States as well as other groups); as well as other information and technical assistance.


Anne Chamberlain
Senior Director, Programs

Erwin Coleman
Principal Associate, Corporate Relations