Youth and adults who are homeless are among those citizens most in need of public support and services. However, they are also among those who are both most at risk amidst the pandemic, and those for whom services delivered ‘virtually’ are not sufficient to meet their needs. Individuals living in homelessness lack access to sufficient medical care, and often live in close proximity to one another. They cannot easily be accessed with communication and resources, and they do not have access to the technology required to benefit from services, except those delivered in person. To support the systems in place to serve this community, MSG is poised to guide service providers and government agencies to structure their services in a way that maximizes their value, and minimizes the risk to both providers and recipients of services. MSG’s Crisis Management Center brings together national medical, psychological, and service delivery experts to inform our TA approach in the current crisis.


Anne Chamberlain
Senior Director, Programs

Erwin Coleman
Principal Associate, Corporate Relations