Mason Bishop

Workforce Expert

Mason Bishop has more than 25 years of experience in employment policy, workforce development initiatives, postsecondary education and training, and entrepreneurship. He has the rare experience of having worked at both the federal and state/local levels in both workforce development and postsecondary education. Mr. Bishop has a thorough understanding of the strengths of, and challenges faced by, workforce agencies, community colleges and universities, federal agencies, and community organizations. He is accomplished in implementing new initiatives, program reforms, and new business processes – improving service delivery and opportunities for people to be upwardly mobile. Mr. Bishop’s expertise includes workforce development and higher education policies, practices, and programs, such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Trade Adjustment Assistance, TANF, Perkins, and others. Mr. Bishop specializes in workforce and postsecondary education system reform recommendations and strategic implementation of improved delivery models, program evaluation, grant application development and writing, post-award implementation management and assistance, needs assessment and feasibility analysis, project management assistance, and marketing and outreach.


Anne Chamberlain
Senior Director, Programs

Erwin Coleman
Principal Associate, Corporate Relations