Our overarching philosophy is to provide accurate insights to solve our client’s toughest challenges so they can focus on improving the lives of the millions of people they serve. The projects we work on help our clients change the world for the better through improved decision-making, enhanced service delivery, and operational efficiency.

Partnering with Clients as a Trusted Advisor

MSG supports our clients with independent, unbiased solutions. We value open and honest communication, and provide a continuous client feedback loop that builds on what we are learning to learn more and ensure that a project will meet your needs.

Customized, Flexible Project Designs

We start with your key questions and strategic objectives in mind and focus on how you are going to use the insights and answers we provide. Throughout the project lifecycle, we provide flexible solutions because we are aware of your changing context and needs.

Practical, Cost-Conscious Solutions

At all turns of a project, MSG strives to deliver exceptional value to our clients. We provide you with teams that contain the right set of skills and capabilities without the large overheard costs of a larger firm, ensuring a greater return on their investment. Wherever possible, we facilitate the use of advanced technology to lower costs and increase reach.

Rigorous Methodology for Accountability

MSG excels at bringing together experienced managers and consultants with methodological expertise in areas such as program evaluation, training, and operations improvement with experts encompassing deep knowledge in a particular topic area.

MSG’s solutions focus on strategic dissemination of aggregate findings. We document success, challenges, and help you overcome them for sustainability and impact.